Vegan, Water-Based Nail Polish Exists, and Nail polish removers NOT NEEDED!

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Have you heard of Vegan nail polish?

I think it has been trending, but have you seen vegan, water-based peel-off nail polish? 

Apparently, there are few brands with vegan, peel-off nail polish.

Let me show you a few which you'll be able to find in GEMHOUR 💅🏻💅🏻



ISAMUAE persues sustainable beauty for both our body and the environment.

They have 7 colors in total and sells vegan nail care products.



Their features are : 

  • safe and easy
    non-toxic, no harmful materials, odourless
    the water-based ingredient eliminates the need for irritating smell when applying, therefore anyone can apply and remove it by hand like a sticker without using a nail remover.
  • quick dry
    isamuae water-based nails dry faster
    than other type of nail polish.
  • healthy
    isamuae aqua nails consist of ceramides
    that help to restore your nail condition.








They even use eco-friendly packaging. It shows how much they care about the environment! 










How to use:

1. Trim or pushback cuticles using the isamuae cuticle serum and apply isamuae intensive care nail pack. rub them off and make sure nails are clean and dry.

2. Apply 1 coat, let it dry and then apply another.

3. To remove the nail polish after a long day, start peeling off the nail polish along from the cuticle.

4. Peel them off like a sticker! It'll be removed neatly.










EUYIRA's interest is using only the non-harmful ingredients and of course, all of the products are vegan.


They work the same as ISAMUAE's nail polish but they have different mood and shades.


Recommended to :

💜people who wants to enjoy with their kids

💙used to hate the strong smell of nail polish

💚wants to change their nail color frequently

💛wants their nails to look amazing



MECRET - Eco-friendly, vegan cosmetics only.

Little sneak peek of MECRET nail polish ❤️ ❤️ 

Over 25 shades for you to choose from!


NEXT UP, HALLOWEEN NAILS done with MECRET NAIL POLISH and nothing else! 😛 😛 


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