Halloween Nail Designs

Hi, I'm Selina and welcome back to Gemhour! 🔮

It's October already, and what does October reminds you of?

For me, HALLOWEEN! 🎃🎃🎃

Okay, so today, I'll be showing you how to get your HALLOWEEN nails done! 💅🏻💅🏻

It's super easy for beginners, as you only need a few products to start off with.

Last post, I talked about a brand called MECRET - Vegan, water-based, peel-off nail polish and YES I'll be using just that particular brand to create scary yet awesome design!

To check out our MECRET nail polish, click in the link below!


Now, let's get started! ⬇️⬇️


Step 1 - Get your nails and tools ready!

Get your clean, tidy nails ready. Remember to remove all cuticles and residue for your nail designs to last longer😆😆

Also, bring any type of small brush(you will know why later) and don't forget - MECRET nail polish!

The colors needed are : Red and White only! 

You'll need base and top coat as well.

Step 2 - Apply Base coat

Apply the base coat. 1 coat should be enough

Some people will be like 'Why do I need to apply base coat? Nah, don't need one'.

NOOOOO!! Applying the base coat is realllyy important because you'll be able to peel-off perfectly later, without damaging your nails.

Step 3 - Apply the base color

product used : MECRET White pompon 🤍


 Apply White Pompon🤍 nail polish once the base coat is dry. 

 Apply 2 coats in order for an optimal look.


 *Remember to let it dry after each coat!*

 Third step DONE!


Step 4 - Get your mini brush!

product used : MECRET Tess Rose Red ❤️

Dip the mini brush in to the MECRET Tess Rose Red.

Becareful not to dip too much! If not, it'll drip everywhere.

Now, let's make a tiny dot on the nail.

 You're not done yet! Now drag down a line from the dot towards the edge of the nail. 

Connect the dots and fill in the area to make it look as if the blood is dripping. Repeat this for the rest of the nails. The less perfect, the more scarier it'll look!

*IF, IF you do not have any brush, you can use the tip of the pen, or a bobby pin instead*


Step 5 - Apply Top Coat

Apply the top coat for the designs to last longer.

🩸🩸 Blood dripping nail designs DONE!! 🩸🩸
You're now ready for Halloween! 🎃

You can also check out our halloween collection in the link below! 



NEXT UP, Summer Pedicure designs and real reviews from customers! 🤩🤩

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