Hi, I'm Selina and welcome back to Gemhour! 🧚 

Halloween is coming up next week and are you guys ready to dress up and have fun? 🎃😈🧚🧛🩸🦇🍭🧡🤡

What? You don't want to dress up for Halloween? Not into going all-out on the costumes?  

Don't worry. I'm here to save you. 😁

I'll show you a veryyy simple way to show your Halloween spirit without having to dress up. In order to do so, what I want you to do is to get your Halloween nails done. It's super easy and you can just do it at home, all by yourself with no help! If your friends want to come over, you can try them out with your friends too. 👯


Keep scrolling for amazing Halloween nail ideas. ⬇️⬇️⬇️




1. Grunge Black nails

🖤 Black nails🖤  are perfect for spooky Halloween season but the best part is that it goes well with anything you wear! You can still have them on even if Halloween is over. 


🖤 Vampire Black nails - Gel nail stickers



Chelsie review of Holly Molly Nails

🖤 Holly Molly nails - Gel nail stickers with DIY Gel tube



2. Candy corn nails 🍬🍭

By now, anyone should know that orange🧡  is essential to Halloween! Shades of orange are just enough to get the point across. If you want a little bit of Halloween, try orange shade nails!


🧡 Mai Tai Orange nails - Gel nail Stickers



🧡 Celebrity nails - Gel nail stickers



🧡 Basic Orange Reusable Press-On Nails 24p - Press on nails



3. Blood Red nails 🩸

❤️ Red colored nails doesn't have to go with blood dripping or blood splash designs.  There are simple yet classic designs and you won't have to wear anything to scream Halloween because your nails will talk for themselves!


❤️ Sangria nails - Gel nail stickers


❤️ Forbidden Burgundy Nails - Gel nail stickers


❤️ Winery nails - Gel nail stickers


❤️ Basic Burgundy Reusable Press-On Nails 24p - Press on nails




4. Patterned nails 🐄🐄

If you want something ex-tra special with Halloween🎃 vibes, why don't you try these patterned design nails? You won't have to wear anything special as your nails will look trendy enough!



🐄 Glitz Cow nails - Gel nail stickers


🐄 NAB nails - Gel nail stickers

🐄 NailJerks nails - Gel nail stickers *ON SALE NOW!*



You can also check out our HALLOWEEN MOOD collection in the link below for all of the nail products above! 



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