New Collection has been added! EDGEU & MORE!

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Recently, I've been getting questions on our new arrivals. 

Have you seen our newly added designs yet?

Well, if you haven't, don't worry, I'll give you a quick tour and a few recommendations too!


Okay, so let's start off with one of our brands, EDGEU.


This time, we have brought in extra special designs and a few nail care products (many people would have been waiting for this).



1) Cute designs

My Type Of Dot Nails
 Cute yet simple. Perfect combinations of colors too!
Don't hesitate, just get them now!


 Neo Mint Leopard Nails
Summer isn't over yet, so go get your cute mint green leopard print nails!
It has everything. Mint, leopard and glitters. What else do you need?


 Pastel Syrup Balloon Nails
This is one cute design I must say. The pastel colors of the dots are amazing.
What you need is this set of gel nail stickers to brighten up your day!


2) Elegant and classy designs

Gorgeous Champagne Nails
If you don't have time to get your nails done at a salon, but need to attend special occasions, this is just the one you have been looking for.<
Chocolat Nuance Nails
Brown shades with marble designs in gel nail stickers! For any seasons and occasions.

 Antique French Nails
Perfect mix and match of colors accented with gold line details. Trendy design you shouldn't miss out.

Love glitter nails? Try these sets.
These fun-loving nails with pastel purple and rainbow colors with sparkles
are perfect for wearing at the beach or by the pool.
And not to forget, nail care products!
I remember mentioning in the previous post, that removing is as important as applying the stickers. I'll introduce you to products you need before applying gel nail stickers and removing them.

1) Cuticle care and remover

Had problems with applying gel nail stickers? Or finding them fall off to easily? Then cuticles could be one of the reasons why this happened. To remove them, all you need is this EDGEU cuticle pushing serum. It doesn't damage any of your skin but it'll do just well with removing the cuticles. It's super easy and some people find it fun. 😏😏


2) Gel-off serum. 

Not sure what this is? This will help you to remove your nail stickers or any press-on nails easily without damaging your nails. Still not sure whether you need them? Scroll down!



Now, do you get why it is important?

For healthier nails, I'd definitely recommend this!



For more info on our new arrivals, please click on the link below! 


New arrivals will be updated every day! 😘😘


UP NEXT, Vegan, Water-based peel-off nail polish!



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