Below Frequently Asked Questions are some common concerns of our customers before and after purchasing the nails, if you have other questions, please just send it to
We use ONLY the fastest express shipping available. Once a order is made, it takes 1-5 business days to prepare your package. Once your package is ready to be shipped, we ship it through DHL express shipping. With DHL express, it should only take 1-4 business days for your package to arrive at your door.

Though most of the orders are delivered on time, countries outside of Australia, Canada and the US might experience some delay due to COVID-19 shipping restrictions.
Please kindly understand that we do NOT offer cancellations due to these delays. Your tracking code will be sent to you via email once it is shipped.
If your package doesn't arrive within 7 business days from shipment, please contact our customer service center.
**Please keep in mind that weekends and holidays do not count as business days**
Please contact our customer service immediately with your order number.
We insure your package, once you notify us, we will launch an investigation. If after 7 days your package cannot be located* you can pick between a replacement or receive a refund.

*please note that the package is sent with a signature required, if you request to deliver the package without a signature and your package is stolen, you will not be compensated. If the package is lost due to wrong information provided by the customer (ex: wrong address) you will not be compensated.
Please contact our customer service with the following info: Order number Name of the missing item(s) Picture of the packaging in which your package came (we need to see if the item(s) may have gone missing during the transportation) After investigation, if the missing item(s) cannot be located, we will proceed with the compensation
This entirely depends on the brands. We work in direct partnership with the all the brands we offer, so there is a design you want to see on Gemhour, please let us know and we will do our best to make it available again.
We are aware that in some countries the customs can request to pay extra customs fees to receive a package. To avoid this situation to our customers: We do not include the invoice in the package We mark the total value of the package below $20 USD We send the package as a ‘Gift’ Please note that despite our best efforts, the customs can still catch your package and ask you to pay for the tax. If that is the case, please understand that we are not responsible and we should kindly ask you to cover for it. We are not responsible for unpaid customs taxes, and will not provide refunds for orders sent back due to customs issues. Please check your country’s customs policies before placing your order.
Your health and safety is our top priority. We offer only nail products from reputable manufacturers in South Korea. Our manufacturers have specialized certificates such as ISO, CE, KGMP, KFDA
Absolutely! Please let us know the product you would like to see on Gemhour and we will do our best to make it available. Please bear in mind that we work exclusively with Korean brands at the moment.
Orders are dispatched from our warehouse located in Seoul, South Korea. And our Korean office is in stylish Gangnam.
Once you place your order, your package will be ready to ship very quickly. We can accept cancellations within 6 hours after payment. After this delay, we may accept to cancel your order depending on the preparation status.
We are not responsible for packages sent back due to factors outside our control, such as the absence of the recipient, customs, etc. Additional shipping charges will result from such situations, which is not the same as our usual discounted shipping charge. When a shipment is sent back, there will be an email regarding the situation, and when proper action is not taken within 48 hours, we reserve the right to dispose of the shipment.
Products are final sale and cannot be returned. If you received a wrong or defective item, please let us know so we can assist you.
Please send us a link to the page you are experiencing a problem. You might just need to refresh the page or change your WiFi settings.
Please contact our customer service with the following info: Order number Name of the products with the issue A picture showing the issue We will do our best to assist you so you can receive a refund or a replacement (the final decision is at the customer service agent’s discretion)
STEP 1 : Prep Wash hands with soap and water.Shape nails and push back cuticles.Use enclosed Prep Pad to ensure nails are clear from oils and residue.Make sure your nails are completely dry before application.

STEP 2 : Select size Choose the semicured gel that fits your nail size and remove the clear film.Gently lift strip from sheet starting from edge. Gemhour Tip If you are in between sizes always choose the smaller size for properadhesion. Use a tweezer to lift strip from sheet more easilyand limit compromising the adhesion.

STEP 3 : Application Place strip over the center of your nail, starting at cuticle lineand pressing outward.Press down firmly from center and side to side. Gemhour Tip Make sure strip is applied slightly above cuticle line, avoidingplacement on skin. Stretch the gel size to fit your nails if needed

STEP 4 : Trim Fold over excess material.Cut excess part of the gel along the tip of nail. Position the nail file horizontally along the contour of your nail. Trim a perfect clean edge by using nail file. Gemhour Tip Be sure to file in one direction at a time, filing fromside to side will tear the edges.

STEP 5 : Cure Finish by curing the nail 60 secondsGel get reactive under the light! It is recommended to cure 1~3 times for the UV lamp
Apply a drop of cuticle oil or acetone remover onto your nail.Use manicure stick to gently and slowly lift nail stickers fromcorner of the cuticle area.
Normally we don't provide support during weekends, except for urgent cases. In these cases, you only need to mark “Urgent” in your email, we will get back to you ASAP.